Ag & Markets Animal Shelter Grant Due January 10

The NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets has received a five million dollar appropriation to fund a grant program
available to municipalities and incorporated not-for-profit pounds, shelters and humane societies for the cost of capital
projects. Projects may include the construction, renovation, rehabilitation, installation, acquisition, or expansion of buildings,
equipment or facilities needed to secure and care for sheltered dogs and cats.

Proposals for the new NYS Companion Animal Capital Fund are due January 10, 2018 and are expected to be awarded in
February with two-year contracts beginning in March, 2018. Projects serving an individual municipality will not be less than
$50,000 nor more than $200,000, with a 50% cash match of total project cost requirement. Projects that serve two or more
municipalities will receive not less than $100,000 and not more than $500,000, not to exceed 75% of the total project cost.
More information can be found through the Grants Opportunity Portal, and clicking on “Browse.”

NYS vendors must submit a registration form through the Grants Gateway to establish users in the system. The process can
also be started from the Grant Opportunity Portal
goportal.aspx, under Registration, click “Request Access Now!” to view options.

For existing NYS vendors, such as most municipalities, there is only one step to identify an administrator. However, if your
organization is not currently doing business with NYS, you will need to submit a Substitute W-9 Form to obtain a NYS SFS
Vendor ID, in addition to the registration form for administrators. All not-for-profit organizations that intend to submit a
proposal must also be pre-qualified prior to the submission of your proposal. If you have not registered (or, as a not-for –
profit, prequalified), please do so immediately.