Tug Hill Commission

Tug Hill Commissioners feel strongly that the agency must be responsive to its “clients” – the people and local governments of the region. Part of this responsiveness is the every five year evaluation of the Commission and its programs by Tug Hill local officials and community leaders. Commission members set agency policy, budget, and program priorities, and oversee staff through an executive director.Commission support is probably so strong because the Commission’s programs are closely tied to the environmental and economic needs of the region, as defined by local communities. This is supported by survey results which show four-to-one or better of local leaders rating the commission “good” or “excellent” in its program delivery.

Through public meetings and surveys, local people have repeatedly told the Commission they want to maintain what they treasure most about Tug Hill: clean water, healthy forests, productive farms, stable communities, and opportunities for hunting, fishing, and recreation. The Commission works toward these goals by building the capacity of the region’s people to chart their own future.The Commission’s programs and services are directed at strengthening local decision making, saving money through information sharing and training, and help in coordinating and raising funds for community improvement projects.Helping local governments and citizens shape the future of the Tug Hill region.