Commission Meeting Schedule

The commission board meets approximately 10 times per year, moving meeting locations around the region to make meetings more accessible to local officials and residents.

The 2018 meeting schedule is:

Date Location COG Time
Monday, January 22 West Monroe NorCOG 10:00 AM
February NONE
Wednesday, March 28 Watertown SOB Local Government Conference 4:00 PM
Monday, April 16 Lee NOCCOG 10:00 AM
Monday, May 21 Wilna RACOG 10:00 AM
Monday, June 18 Osceola CTHC 10:00 AM
August TBD Montague Commission/Staff Retreat All Day
Monday, September 17 Albion SRCOG 10:00 AM
Monday, October 15 Steuben NOCCOG 10:00 AM
Thursday, November 8 TBD Annual Dinner 5:00 PM
Monday, December 10 Watertown SOB Holiday Party 10:00 AM