Councils of Government

Most Tug Hill towns and villages belong to one of five councils of governments (COGs). Each is served by one or more “circuit riders” who, working out of their home offices, help in sharing good ideas between communities and help individual towns and villages take advantage of a more regional perspective in trying to enhance their communities.Circuit riders also help communities in identifying and solving problems and, when more specialized assistance is needed, call upon commission staff for help in land use planning, finding grants and loans for community improvement, and providing technical assistance and training opportunities for local officials.

The five councils of government (COGs) in the Tug Hill region are:

Cooperative Tug Hill Council (CTHC)
North Shore Council Of Governments (NorCOG)
Northern Oneida County Council Of Governments (NOCCOG)
River Area Council of Governments (RACOG)
Salmon Rivers Council of Governments (SRCG)

In addition to the financial benefit of sharing services through councils of government, COG membership also provides the increased clout of having one’s voice heard. A group of municipalities sharing a regional concern will have more clout than an individual community advocating a position on its own.