Presentations from the 2018 Black River Watershed Conference!

The Black River Watershed Conference is held in June every year.  Stakeholders (municipal officials, municipal boards, agency representatives and interested citizens) have the opportunity to learn about and discuss issues that face the Black River and its watershed, as well as how to become better stewards of the Black River.  Networking is encouraged and everyone is welcome!

 2018 Presentations:
1 Stream Restoration Oneida County SWCD
2 Case Studies in NCD Hamilton County SWCD
3 Soil Health Lewis County SWCD
4 Stormwater Coalition Jefferson County SWCD
5 Japanese Kontweed Herkimer County SWCD
6 Keynote Climate Change
7 Winter Balancing Act Cornell Local Roads
8 Flood Services National Weather Service
9 Staying Connected TNC THTLT and link to TNC’s Critter Shelf video

2017 Presentations:
Early Flood Detection in the BRW
Stormwater (MS4) Update
Green Infrastructure in Your Backyard
Salinization of ADK Waters
Terrestrial Invasive Species
Link to Well Survey provided by Dr. Dan Kelting:

2016 Presentations:
Nichelle Billhardt Lewis County Projects
Emily Sheridan Project Updates
Jeffrey Polkowski Planning for an Inviting and Active Urban Riverfront
Frank Pace Green Infrastructure Project Lewis County
Dick McDonald Hydropower Advisory Councils
Jessica Hart Hydroeletric Facilities and FERC

Christine Watkins Jefferson County SWCD MS4 Update
Bill Kappel Hydrology and Geology of the BRW

2015 Presentations:
Dairy Manure AFO CAFO 101
EFC Green Infrastructure
Black River Watershed Project Updates
Jefferson County Stormwater Coalition
bus tour stops
Speaker Bios

2014 Presentations:
2010 Census and New Storm Water in the Jefferson County Urbanized Area
Emergency Response to Flooding and the Problems of the Response
Fish-Species-Distributions Fish-Atlas-Project
Lyons Falls Presentation
US Army Corps of Engineers 2014 Emergency Presentation