Ten Commission staff work out of the central office in Watertown. Four full-time “circuit riders” and four part-time “associate circuit riders” work out of their homes throughout the region, under the direction of local councils of governments.

Watertown Staff

John Bartow, Jr.
Executive Director


Gwen Decker


Katie Malinowski
Director of Natural Resources


Jean Waterbury
Senior Planner

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Mickey Dietrich – GIS Specialist

Matt Johnson – Senior Planner

Carla Malmgren – Community Development Specialist

Philip Street – Director of Planning

Jennifer Harvill – Natural Resources Specialist

Felicia Passino – Administrative Aide

Circuit Riders

Kathy Amyot – Circuit Rider, River Area Council of Governments (RACOG)

Paul Baxter – Circuit Rider, North Shore Council of Governments (NorCOG) and Salmon River Council of Governments (SRCG)

Angie Kimball – Circuit Rider, Cooperative Tug Hill Council (CTHC)

Jennifer Armstrong – Circuit Rider (NOCCOG) Northern Oneida County Council of Governments (NOCCOG)